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Employ Your Global Workforce in Austria and Southeast Europe,
Compliant with Local Employment Laws.

About us

CONEO is an employer of record organization providing services to international employers in Austria and Southeast Europe. We offer our solutions to help businesses operate more quickly, easily, and, most importantly, risk-free.

With CONEO, you can access qualified top-notch individuals and effective project teams in any location, even those where you do not have a permanent market presence.
You must hire worldwide to access top personnel, regardless of your company's size or budget. CONEO makes it simple, anywhere and anytime.

Our team can assist in navigating the intricacies of hiring and employment in Austria and Southeast Europe, significantly shorten onboarding timeframes, and reduce overhead expenses. We will handle monthly payroll and obligatory taxes and contributions for any number of employees in as many countries as you desire.
CONEO's Employer of Record Service (EOR) helps you hire and pay people in Austria and Southeast Europe on a national and worldwide scale. We take complete control of all HR procedures, such as immigration, payroll, and employment, ensuring compliance and efficiency without the requirement of a local business.

When recruiting in Austria and Southeast Europe, an EOR is the best option. Employment requirements differ significantly from country to country. Our responsibility is to carry the burden of everything associated with tax and payroll as well as compliance with local and national regulations.
EOR services may be highly beneficial when dealing with payroll processing and employee employment rules in Austria and Southeast Europe.

As the employer of record, we are up to speed on state and local legislation, so leave your worries about complying with rules in different jurisdictions to us.
On paper, we'll be your employee's primary employer, but you'll have ultimate control over their day-to-day deliverables. In short, they'll behave just like any other employee, but with fewer difficulties, for you to handle!
If your company is ready to operate globally, has global expansion plans, or wants to hire anyone overseas – you are in the right place. You can use it globally and have only local expenses.

Why hiring EOR is the best solution when employing in Austria and Southeast Europe:

- The foreign country has complex employment laws that are unfamiliar to your HR department;
- You have a presence in the foreign market but don't want to open a branch office yet;
- You are dealing with remote workers in other countries and need to run a local payroll for them;
- You’re recruiting remote employees from foreign countries, but you still need a mechanism to operate a local payroll for them.

CONEO enables companies to lawfully employ workers in Austria and Southeast Europe without the requirement to establish corporate entities in other countries. Our global employment solution alters the way companies work on a worldwide scale. You can onboard, payroll, and manage your workforce in Austria and Southeast Europe through a single employer of record service provider, with infinite employees in many countries, just by using our global infrastructure.

CONEO complies fully with local labor regulations, tax laws, and immigration legislation in Austria and Southeast Europe. You choose the most refined individuals from CONEO, and we will onboard them for you by following local requirements, protecting you from compliance risks and unexpected expenditures.

Our Services

CONEO will help you with all aspects of your business, including HR, legal issues, and employee benefits.
Non-disclosure and post-termination limitation provisions
Employment contracts, visas and work permit applications
Salary, commission and bonuses
Sick pay and vacation entitlement
Maternity/paternity leave
International expense management and reimbursements
Tax submission customization for full legal compliance as well as tax effectiveness
Operating unit follow-up to ensure timely and correct receipt of documentation, signatures, and backup data
Customs Advice
Tax Registration
Tax Return Filing
Tax Consultancy
Tax Reclaim
If you want to extend into new regions of the world, we're here to help you where you need it most. Our Employer of Record services in Austria and Southeast Europe will make international recruiting smooth and painless.
It's time to grab all the benefits EOR provides!
Get that cost-effective solution.
Because of the lower operating costs, it is simpler to enter and work in the new market with an employer of record. EORs provide cost-effective solutions that allow businesses to save time and other resources (both human and financial) associated with growing their business, creating a local subsidiary, hiring new workers, onboarding them, and adequately administering and managing their payroll.
Forget about all the boring laws.
Running a business in a foreign state demands an understanding of the applicable laws, and how to comply is essential. CONEO is familiar with these rules and regulations and the regulatory agencies involved in Austria and Southeast Europe. As a result, hiring an EOR is an excellent way to ensure that your organization stays compliant and is less likely to violate rules. An employer of record keeps you totally up to date and complies with all legal duties.
Save some time, and make more money.
One significant advantage of employing an Employer of Record service is that your organization can forget about the time-consuming procedure of forming and registering a new subsidiary to hire staff. This is because EORs are legal companies created in such nations that have the competence and experience to carry out employer obligations on your behalf. An employer of a record firm has previously completed all of the necessary registration and licensing procedures. Thus, with an EOR system at the new site, you may employ personnel and launch your firm within days.
We care about your employees.
Employees in foreign states must get benefits and remuneration by the requirements of their respective labor laws. Paid time off, insurance, pensions, holidays, sick leave, maternity and paternity leave, and other benefits must be considered. The employer of record will handle these in accordance with government regulations.
Let us handle all the work.
The EOR handles Employee-related issues. It includes hiring and onboarding new employees. To expedite the onboarding process, the EOR also arranges work permits and visas on behalf of the personnel. Their responsibilities include preparing employee timesheets, handling employment contracts, and terminating employees. EORs also do the required background checks on new workers. All of this is done on behalf of the employer.
Once again.. forget about all the boring laws.
The employer of record firms prepares payroll by the rules and regulations of the new site. The EOR also handles tax deductions from employees' salaries and distributes them to the proper authorities. Employers of record (EORs) are provided with a sufficient understanding of the country's payroll system and the appropriate up-to-date technology to administer it.

Our Team

Our team aims to assist businesses in raising their profits by exploiting the limitless potential of a global workforce in Austria and Southeast Europe without exposing themselves to all the common concerns. Our innovative Employer of Record solution assists businesses like yours in expanding their international reach and engaging and paying the top global talent - quickly and easily.

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